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April 20, 2012
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How to care for a special arrangement


Receiving an arrangement of flowers is a beautiful way to enjoy your special occasion whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or a special milestone in life. However we find some people are unsure of the best way to keep a floral arrangement blooming for as long as possible. We usually provide some basic tips that ensure you can have your flowers brightening your home or office.


  1. Get your flowers home as quickly as possible. If you are in a car, place them on the floor out of the sun and if it is hot, drive with your air conditioner on. Cut flowers perish quite quickly if out of water for a period of time in hot weather.
  2. Have a vase ready and make sure it is clean. Clean with detergent or perhaps a little bleach. Fill the vase with cold water and add a flower preservative sachet.
  3. Take the floral arrangement out of the wrapping paper, roll the rubber band or ties away from the stem ends. Strip any leaves off the stem that will be underwater.
  4. Cut 1cm-2cm off each stem and place in water.
  5. Put the vase in a cool position. Not it direct sunlight or near a heater.
  6. Check daily. Top with water and flower preservative. Completely change the water every three days or so.

Follow these instructions and your flowers will last in great condition keeping the memory of your special occasion alive.

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