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May 21, 2012
Wedding boquets

Your unique wedding bouquets

Selecting wedding bouquets is an important part of any wedding plan yet one that can be left to the last minute as you get caught up in other plans. We highly recommend don't leave it too late - plan ahead so you are sure you have the flowers you want and are not disappointed.

Deciding on your wedding bouquet is the next decision you make after you select your dresses. The style and colour of your wedding dress and your attendants' dresses will influence the flowers that will be chosen. Other considerations include the physical build of the bride and attendants as you want the overall look to be in proportion and complimentary to everyone.

Our wedding bouquets will ensure nothing is overlooked when selecting flowers and this includes allergies. Be aware of flowers that could set off a sneezing attack - not a great look for a bride or bridesmaid! We also will ensure the bridal wedding flowers stand out in some way against the complimentary look of bridesmaid and flower girl arrangements.

Bring in a colour swatch of your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and flower girl's dresses - the last thing you want is a colour clash. Once we have this, we can work with you to create beautiful wedding bouquets that will enhance your walk down the aisle and give you the confidence you and your attendants are looking confident, radiant and coordinated. 

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